The Lifts Directive (95/16 / EC) and, thereafter, the EN81.80 oblige the installer to provide a device alarm in the cabin in order to allow a bidirectional communication with a service center.

To comply with these directives the installer is obliged to use a device by pressing an alarm button puts in communication passengers a Service Centre.
Thus, the passengers will know that their call for help was already taken into management. The plate Phone SOS is the ideal solution for the renovation of the plant as it allows, with its only use, to regularize the position in respect of that Directive.

- E 'an alarm communicator for elevators: 

installed in the cabin, it allows those who got stuck send an emergency signal to a
Relief Central and / or the service personnel and to communicate hands-free;

- It is activated is made by pressing the button:

Followed by sending a pre-recorded voice message after which a communication will be established in Handsfree between the passenger and the service technician;

- E 'it equipped with an anti abuse function:

Delays of a certain time (programmable) the emergency activation after a first signaling, discouraging Attempts to repeated alarms and abuse;

The programming of the numbers to be called in case of alarm and of all the parameters required for operation you can perform locally via a normal phone connected to LT or remotely by phone by calling the device. In both cases you will be guided by a voice menu.

The plate Phone SOS integrates with accessories such as:

- GSM Interface: Full GSM telephone line power supply, battery and antenna; works with any SIM Card

- Intercom: As with any brand alarm reset button sent on board; to be installed in the engine room
or in the pit or on the car roof;

When the passenger remains locked in the cabin, pressing the alarm button activates the connection between the dialer that makes the call at the service center (via the GSM, where there was no possibility of enable fixed line) putting in direct contact the operator of the service center with the interior of the cabin.

At this point the service will call the maintenance technician to intervene, and it arrived on site will communicate directly with the passenger from the intercom in the pit, under or above the cab.