All our control panels are already designed to operate in Remote Control, via telephone modem in fixed line, GSM device or serial cable locally up to 500 meters away. The Semplicia and functionality of our software "MOVICONTROL", allows us to monitor at any time of the day, the state of the facilities. The comunication Remote in our industry it is the winning challenge to optimize existing processes.

Example: with MOVICONTROL you can tell if a system fault via the on-line system diagnostics, directly from your computer on your desk.


Identification of installation
The serial ports of the modem
The on-line vision system
The status of all the PLC inputs and outputs or the board
The recording of internal parameters to PC or board
Reset error
The operation of the system options
The vision of all timer internal counters
The possibility of sending SMS
The bidirectional operation helpline

The main screen of the software manages our remote control. The possibility of the plant remote maintenance
It allows you to preset any problem to solve, given the display of the same on the MoviControl screens.

Where it should be used MoviControl Plus:
active GUI (synoptic).
more facilities management lifts installed at the same site:
Hospitals, public institutions, aberghi, large apartment buildings, etc ...


Specifications MoviControl Plus:
Installation via DB9 serial cable distance up to 500 m
Modem via landline or GSM line